Teeth Whitening

Tracy Taddey DDS | John Taddey, DDS 

            One of our patients whitening result after one treatment. 

 Today you have many excellent choices concerning teeth whitening.

There are two options we recommend. First, in office whitening immediately following teeth cleaning, second, the Home Style Custom Tray whitening System,

#1    Whitening immediately following teeth cleaning is an excellent and inexpensive option because at that point your teeth are the most susceptible to the whitening as the tooth film and stains have been removed. This system called Sinsational Smile is done in our office, takes 20 minutes and utilizes a LED accelerating light to help activate the gels whitening ingredients at a faster rate, resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in less time. The cost is $ 110. if done immediately following the teeth cleaning appointment. If done at a separate appointment, the cost is $150. Either way, also included is a take-home maintenance whitening pen to further extend your new brighter smile.



#2    Whitening at home utilizing the Home Style Tray System is an excellent  option. We have four different strengths of whitener to satisfy the requirements of the individual patient being whitened. Clear thin plastic custom whitening trays are constructed and a  supply of whitening gels are given. The routine using this system is that the trays are worn with the gel inside for 20-30 minutes once or twice a day for approximately 1 week. More deeply darkened teeth may take longer to whiten. This system with the custom made tray is far superior to any of the new over the counter systems like strips,etc. . The cost for this treatment is $150 and can be completed in 2 short appointments.

As the year goes by, if desired, an additional supply of home whitening gel is available for $50.

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