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Smile Makeover

Smile Makeovers In La Jolla | 2 Week Smile | John & Tracy Taddey, DDS

  All Ceramic Crowns Improving Health and Beauty Teeth



Smile Makeover using ceramic crowns. Total of 2 visits after patient approves the proposed changes which we show to to her on a non invasive wax model made fro her initial impressions before any dental work.


Smile Makeover to conform to patients masculine personality by utilizing various options for the length, shade, contour, texture and smile design.


Improving a smile to match her  personality.


More youthful smile by whitening dull front teeth with 6 new ceramic crowns in 2 visits.


Smile improvement by placing 6 ceramic crowns replacing worn, unsightly aged appearance of front teeth.



Improve appearance by replacing worn, decayed front teeth with ceramic crowns in 2 visits.

2 week Smile Makeover.  Masculine Esthetic Preferences.. 

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